Very Important Please Read


TAX Because of the cost of everything rising regarding inflation we are pleased to confirm that We Will Not be incorporating tax payments onto the cost of your products. After consideration as a independent company we feel that the burden being placed upon people to facilitate a cost affordable existence within the parameters of ongoing government policies to be an absolute disgrace. To the point, it fills myself with total contempt the notion of claiming any tax from the people.

POSTAGE Although because of the cost of inflation being placed upon ourselves rising. We Can No Longer proceed to give our customers free postage. I apologize with full sincerity to all our ongoing clients who have enjoyed free postage to date. Although under the circumstances there is no other option for us to impose a flat rate of £7.65 on all deliveries. This is the base rate although not always the lowest price we have had to pay the post office to get the products delivered safely and securely to our customers. WE shall keep the base rate no matter the size of your order. If the cost is higher because of weight we will still remain at the base rate saving you the customers from further financial pressure.