Sharing is Caring

You can either read or listen to Maya explain. Since being back in the UK I proceeded to carry on the wealthfare program giving to those who I knew could not afford to buy the products. If you have not got the spare cash the last thing you can afford is a product to remove a pain. The ones that I recognize more than anyone else with this problem is the elderly. Allow me to explain. Pensioners do not tend to have the ability to do the ducking and diving needed to make extra pennies like we can when we are younger. You know pensioners tends to rely solely on the income they have with a budget that allows them to get the basic necessities in life like food or keeping them warm. Can you imagine what these pensioners are now facing with the basic cost of living rocketing through the roof. Imagine the gratitude these elderly people feel when we are able to give them pain relief for free. Seriously, trust me. I know because we give the cream to those in need for free specifically when we get insight that they cannot afford it. Although the situation is beyond just my ability to facilitate. So considering these factors it is natural that we offer the opportunity to others like us who can afford to give time effort and financial help to help our pensioners. We have a link you can visit to donate at