Legal Challenge

The onus of proof on any legal challenge is administrated to the entity that gives a directive in this case Chad-Bourne v Mrha (uk goverment). The directive that we at British health Care was given was to remove referral of medical cannabis within our advertising within the parameters of our website that in reality is completely within the domains of ownership by us. We are completely independent from within any parameters of (uk) government pressure in the sense that we have no support whats so ever on a financial level from the uk government. The onus of proof on the understanding that we will only remove the predated wordings of medical cannabis within the parameters of this website will be on a high court ruling only. We now legally challenge the Mrha of the united kingdom government to show proof that cannabis is not a medicinal medicine. It is the responsibility of the Uk government to acknowledge that cannabis was removed from the controlled drug schedule. The United Nations, based on WHO recommendations, recognizes the medical value of cannabis and removes it from Schedule IV of the 1961 Convention. Court judgement C-663/18. We completely appreciate that not everyone especially within a imploding government is completely aware of legislation directives (so hold no malice) although we will not be dictated to we will acknowledge that for many the pressure from some to pressure others is part of a human trait. We thank everyone for ongoing positive support appreciating the knowledge that as been bestowed upon us. The ONUS off proof is upon the government of the united kingdom that there is no medicinal benefits within cannabis to which we know beyond reasonable doubt is impossible. The United Nations acknowledge it now the uk government need to stop attempting to bully us as we proceed to do the good work. As a foot note we now give notice that any court appearance by us in the High Court of Great Britain will incorporate the appearance of the legal fiction Jud Chad-Bourne as the representative of British Health Care. The cost for the time upon our representative Cannabis Doctor Jud Chad-Bourne appearance at the LONDON HIGH COURT is now categorically stated at ONE MILLION BILLION POUNDS STIRLING. We appreciate that the uk goverment is financially struggling although these will be the costs that will be leveled towards the UK GOVERNMENT to pay for the time for the appearance of Jud Chad-Bourne upon failure to prove cannabis is not medicinal (if they pursue with this case). Knowing that the UK government is a representative of the United Kingdoms Royalty it is prudent to be aware that again, 'although we refuse to be dictated to' if the high court accepts in all honesty in the eyes of the world that the uk government cannot prove that cannabis does not have medicinal benefits. We will not pursue further regarding this misunderstanding of Mrha. We rest our case on the understanding that we will only remove the wordings within our advertisement of medical cannabis upon the proof that cannabis is not a medicinal medicine. We thank you for understanding.