Charity Begins At Home

Having worked within charity organisations for more years than can be remembered what surprised me more than anything was that only 12% roughly of all donations actually get to those that the charity is promoted for. You know all those big charity organisations with the scale of marketing attached to it only expects to receive this amount of a percentage because it is accepted that costs related to begging pays big pay checks to the ones doing the begging on behalf of the charity. Seriously, trust me. You cannot make this up. Begging also comes in different forms of course with content providers asking the public to fund their work  which when you think about it is fair enough especially if the content provider is doing a service that you find interesting why not chip in with the price of a coffee. Which reminds me of the pay it forward scheme that sounded really good so when in Scarborough recently when seeing the pay it forward sign on the counter I actually did exactly that giving the price of a coffee to the establishment presuming some customer who could not afford it would be able to enjoy a coffee at my generosity. Then whilst the proprietor was serving me he turned to his employee and told her that she no longer owed for the coffee she had had. Now I never said anything although thought actually the proprietors generosity should have been accommodating for her coffee out of the staff welfare that all good businesses account for when conducting marginal costs. Saddened me to think a business was that greedy it had to play on public generosity to facilitate a coffee to the member of staff. So it is always good I guess to inquire first before giving especially if the knowledge is not available for you to source. Now when someone pointed out that my charity giving within British Health Care was limited regarding the capability of the organisation to facilitate funding from a charity perspective (because it was only my financial generosity that was being utilized). They actually recommended that I open a charity line within the organisation so others like us could give to help fund the good work. The fact that the lady was a lady of the church recognized the good work i was doing was enough although when she explained that funding could be raised to facilitate expenses various projects that i was already doing instead of relying on just trade. She pointed out how extra money could be used in various ways that then got me thinking of the long term goal of facilitating a full cannabis ecosystem. Workshops for the youth to learn from my own personal knowledge. By the way as well as being a church lady the client in question is also a highly respected corporate lawyer. I had been referred to her and her partner because he was suffering with lower back issues. The nominal fee we requested for the services she knew basically covered just the costs to give the service although from a business perspective. New clients always generate business within the product catalog of the online shop. Although never one for begging for money (always wanting to be paid for a service) the thought of offering people like us the opportunity to literally, simply, give financial goodwill to us so we can offer more service to those in need. It was a suggestion that well here we are making it reality. So getting back to the percentages of what you give being only 12% as never settled well on my way of thinking so allow me to make this promise as my gods and goddess's will bare witness to. Every bit of financial goodwill given to our organization will be used to facilitate the growth of our cannabis ecosystem 100%. Thank you for donating funds to us as you know in this day of age. Trusting someone to actually do as they say. It is a very humbling that you believe in us.