Personal Knowledge (Jud Chad-Bourne)

 It is humbling to be projected into a area of professionalism where everyone is looking to you for answers. Especially when it involves human health. The more medical cannabis is accepted within modern western societies. The more the patients want to know. The advice they get is the correct advice.

Obviously, you can only give the best advice to your own personal knowledge. Yet, although we have to remember not everyone is the same, it is safe to say. Over whole as human beings we tend to heal equally. What i am saying is this. What will work on one human tends to work on another. Although, not one hundred percent of the time you get insight. This is one of the reasons why in conventional medicine they say nothing can be guaranteed 100%.

Which reminds me of a elderly gentleman. He was wanting something to deal with a medical issue. When advised he use the magic cream he asked me what guarantee could be given him. Remembering, it was either muscular or arthritis pain he was wanting relief from. my response was. I am sure, positive in fact that you have a seventy-five to eighty-five percent chance of pain relief using the magic cream. I then pointed out in conventional medicine we cannot give a hundred percent guarantee. Although I did guarantee one hundred percent that when you buy the magic cream. It will work for something. Be it removing bruising quickly. Healing cuts and grazes. Rashes pimples even flattening varicose veins.

The reason i can give a 100% guarantee regarding the magic cream is simply because. It helps with so many issues. That, even if it does not work for the issue which inclines you to obviously, initially, buy magic cream. It will work for something. This is a fact that is easy for me to live by. To the point that if someone was to turn round in due course, saying. It never worked on them for anything. I would give them a 100% reimbursement. What everyone appreciates regarding dealings between us is another fact. We use these medical products ourselves. My children, loved ones family and friends. We all use these products. My endocannabinoid system is fully functional (Thank God). Which when it needs a boost, allows the body to know that it is due a boost of cannabinoids.

Now being nearly sixty years of age as you can imagine. Like everyone else, I have suffered with ailments.Be it aches and pains. Yes i have suffered from anxiety even depression. Breathing issues after wearing the masks at the beginning of 2020. Serious headaches that conventional medicine could no longer deal with.

Sat here now typing this information for you remembering only yesterday a old friend saying to me. The cannabis vape must be the reason why you are so chilled out Jud because of the vaping. Although he did not acknowledge he was surprised when it was explained there had been no cannabis vaping since roughly the second week of december 2021. It was further explained using the cannabis vape was to deal with breathing issues. Yes, the cannabis vape certainly removes any anxiety or depressive feelings. Although the primary use was to remove breathing issues that i was personally dealing with (my issue was related to wearing the masks. Which in due course caused anxiety because constantly consciously being aware of my breathing. it caused me more concern notibilly from the perspective that it seemed I was conscious of my breathing more than just breathing naturally on a subconscious level, as we all do. Using the cannabis vape cured me of my breathing issues). My lungs now breath on their own device without me thinking about it majority of the time. So yes, job well done.

When looking back at this insight it gives us opportunity to access why is it that i am more relaxed laid back than my friend remembers me being. It is at this point that it must be pointed out. It is only recently that my friend and myself have reacquainted after a good few years. In the past when we saw each other regular I did not take medical cannabis . Yes i may have smoked the odd joint back in the day although we are now referring to medical cannabis. Which from a personal cannabis perspective is not the same as just smoking a joint getting the hit from the activated THC. Medical cannabis gives a full entourage of cannabinoids not just the activated THC. Once a month using the bath melts just simply soaking in the bath I know me endocannabinoid is getting that magical boost. It is true what was once read within research. You can never underestimate the power of your endocannabinoid system. The simple relaxation of being submerged within the hot water that is totally infused with the product for me is ultimately the most luxurious feeling of relaxation that i have ever experienced. Although i also know that the water infused with the essential cannabinoids the oils of the bath melts are feeding my endocannabinoid system.

Can it be suggested that the cannabinoids have helped me be more relaxed within everyday life or is it just a age thing. Having considered this regarding my friends perception of me now after all these years we have started seeing each other regular again. he is evaluating me over time how I am now compared to how I once was. Although he as definitely matured with age comes wisdom. His self control is evident in his ability to be relaxed. It can still be seen by elements that concern him which no longer concern me in the same matter. Although this is not 100% proof that it is the cannabinoids that have helped me. The cannabinoids certainly do help give a different perspective to everyday life. In summary, I can honestly say that it does seem to be a wonderful side effect that as given me this more positive outlook on life now. 

Thank you for investing your time in regards to reading or watching the information we give you. It is definitely a humbling experience to be propelled into this position where everyone is taking their cannabis medical advice regarding these matters form myself. It does show that over time more and more people are looking at a way to heal a more natural way. I guess, the fact that I personally make these products, promoting them in the way that i do. Gives a reassurance that yes i actually know what i am talking about. Otherwise I would not be in this position.

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