My life Within The Canaries

To see the devastating effects on the population of La Palma. It is with incredible insight that the advice to the population is stay indoors because of the fear of toxic gas. Are you fucking joking me? The island is erupting toxic gas and the only advice is to stay indoors. FFS you can not make this up. How about advising them that they need to get off the fucking island. Now excuse my language here although the people our people of the human race is living a fucking nightmare and all the advise is stay in fucking doors. Bit like the advice of wearing a poxy cloth for the ultimate killer disease (although that turned out to be complete bollox) the gases from a volcano erupting killing everything in its path releasing deadly gasses is not going to be stopped because you shut your fucking door or close the flipping windows. FFS am I actually in a insane world of complete media bollox. Evacuate the people of the islands you fucking morons.

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