Medical Cannabis Cancer

There is many reasons why it is proven that Medical Cannabis helps although for the cure it is recommended that if you have not had chemo you use sixty grams of black oil named RSO or if you have been unlucky enough to have had chemo you will need 180 grams to effectively give yourself a chance. Chemo kills 97% of all people who are subjected to that type of treatment. Research into the Rick Simpson oil is available with true medical advise being grow your own plant. It is highly illegal and potentially dangerous to buy. Do your research. Yes for pain relief we have available. Merlin's magical oils and creams with the full entourage effect. Remember a chemotherapist is not a cancer doctor who will advocate Medical Cannabis because he becomes obsolete. Why would you risk killing yourself on Chemo knowing that a natural plant can cure you plus since this video was made in 2015 we can confirm that medical cannabis is 100% Legal in the UK 2021 with less and less more people trusting the chemotherapy. Do your studies.




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