Magic Cream

Studying in my capacity to become truly recognized as a cannabis doctor it was always with eager intent to soak up knowledge in my chosen field regarding cannabinoids. One day whilst browsing literature available in a Medical Book regarding the extraction of cannabinoids from the plant materials there was a formula on how to make cannabis creams. Of course this basic formula was the reward for the willingness in seeking the appropriate information to truly learn the medicinal aspects of the cannabis plant. At the time it is true to say that cannabis was still not fully recognized as a medical product although the evidence did imply differently. Soon learning to make the cannabis balm it quickly became recognized as magic cream. The Five years in Tenerife studying all aspects from seed to shelf for no better description. Regarding infused cannabinoid products the results were absolutely amazing. You know upon returning to the UK on the 17th December 2020 after five years learning studying producing products. Having those initial human trials it makes you wonder if our amazing results within those five years from January 2016 actually influenced those who voted in the United Nations to make Medical Cannabis fully legal. Cannabis had been on this list - Schedule IV of the 1961 Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs - for 59 years. The people helped in Tenerife was beyond expectations from a personal perspective it was humbling in the way that people responded so well to the Magic Cream. From removing spots to helping people walk again without the aid of a walking stick. It was incredible. Of course there was many people who took time to make reviews within our facebook products page which also gave others chance to see that the products was working for them. Every household should have a jar of magic cream.

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