Getting to know Me (Jud Chad-Bourne)

A middle class family background that as basically been wiped away from the class system regarding wealth structures. Allow me to explain. In the early sixties a family classed as middle class workers basically had three adult incomes coming in without the need of the the family members to having to be fully made up adult wages.. The Man of the house having a working wage the lady of the house having some pin money from her job and the young man the son of the family contributing if need be as a show of money management to appreciate that not everything in life comes free. This was my family. Grandparents and my father who when I was born was only a young lad of 19 himself. Now considering this middle class working background catered for holidays abroad it was common to have a caravan in Skegness for regular seaside trips Friday/Saturday nights in the pub. New clothes on WHITSUNTIDE. Now considering my grand father was a steel worker my grandmother working in Gunstones Bakery my father on the buses you can see that money trickling into the household helped with this working middle class lifestyle. That is gone now. The cost of living alone stripping away any wealth accumulation within a peasant society. Today's peasants are nothing more than slaves to the point it is easy to realise that the united kingdom of what used to be Great Britain is nothing more than a slave colony full of poverty. Peasants because of class distinction that is now simply the haves and the have nothing with the haves lording it over the underdogs with remarks like this. Half a million pounds. A DROP IN THE OCEAN. Reputably this was from a remark that Boris Johnson made in a interview when being questioned about finances or some something or other. A drop in the ocean to the parasites on the top of the food chains of the haves although to a have nothing half a million is a fortune. God how it breeds hatred and contempt for these good for nothing pieces of shit with all their wealth and privileges proceed kick the slaves further in the gutter than ever before. The false narratives to reduce populations so they can attempt to keep control of a population that own nothing. Anger sieves through the veins in the knowledge that being a millionaire now would not get you in their club. Yes a great reset is needed although to reset these bastards to zero with no better opportunity to rise above anyone else than everyone should have. Then let us see how fucking elite they are in their pea cocking attitude of look at us you scumbags we have it all you have fuck all. Of course i am angry. I have had a lifetime of seeing any form of wealth stripped away from the working man with these bastards saying you have never had it so good. FFS what reality are they living in. They say or they imply that to do good with your customers clients to not show aggression because you need to promote that nicer side of your persona although me. I know that someone will trust someone better from the heart if the one they are trusting to provide a product/service tells the truth without hiding behind that screen of bullshit. keep tuned guys. remember if you want to comment regarding any of my posts or simply correspond you can reach out to me at or if you want to wattsapp me you can on 07305 314014

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