Freedom to express my opinions

It is always amusing when someone comments on a post that I may have posted or commented on, that contradicts the narrative they are being led to believe with a comment saying something like this. You are entitled to your opinion. It is common knowledge now that I can be very outspoken. The amount of times we have been restricted from social media because realistically unless you are a little savvy it is very hard to get your opinion over to others that have been brainwashed by the big tech social media. Algorithms in the name of fact checkers churning out their own agenda in this ongoing propaganda war. I report on what I personally experience you know my experience within the whole corona plandemic (no i have not spelled that wrong) gave me insight that there is opinions of some. Then there is a  professional opinion that others like us are writing from a more in-depth study. At this point allow me to apologize to professional writers or individuals who think intelligence is based on knowing when to put a full stop or a capital or some other scenario that indicates you are a top drawer writer hahahhahaha My spelling is crap my grammar is rubbish in fact it makes you wonder how you understand what I am writing if you are one of those of us who think it shows a lack of intelligence. Being nearly sixty years of age one does acquire in-depth knowledge regarding certain subject matters although everyone says how younger I look than my official age it is nice to know that everyone thinks I look really good. Yes I know it is a vanity thing although seriously that feel good factor is definitely a winner. You know it only takes a few seconds to say something really nice to someone for them to respond to you in a amazing open way. Think about that when someone is telling you how amazing your new hairstyle is looking or how great that tint shade of blusher is. Think about it because you may just be getting manipulated. Tell you what, try it on someone who you do not know. Just in conversation compliment them on something. See how they react. You know when someone reacts to you in a positive way they are beginning to like you. People buy from people they like. That was something i was taught in my early thirties and you know something it is so true. So anyway, getting back to what we was talking about. Having opinions. You are reading this because you clicked on a link at somewhere within a multi universal of links within the whole infrastructure of the big wide world of the internet. You can give a opinion back to me in one of the social media platforms where i link these blogs to although be careful what you write because some surfing algorithm may decree that you are being nasty hahahahah trust me nothing you print or write about me will destroy me and you better know that for a fact because trust me i have had some shit wrote about me and yes i am still here. When you have survived a full onslaught of character assassinations you get a skin like a crocodile. By the way. If you are a snowflake. Be careful what you comment because the answers to your comments may be something that will will destroy you like nuclear fire melts the skin off your bones you remember the images you have seen within these dooms day films the blast when Sarah Conner is holding onto the wire at the playground in the terminator that devastation as her skin literally melts bursting into flame then boom she awakes scratching no fate or something like this lol You not seen it? OH MY GOD watch the first terminator with Arnold beefburger or should that be Schwarzenegger. Right from now on you may say little intro snippets of my writings on social media bringing you into my blog if you want to know more. Keep Tuned.

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