Entrepreneurs Charlatans Black and White Hats.

Now considering what a Entrepreneur is can mean various things to you for no better description although when you google googles interpretation you see this.


  1.  a person who sets up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit. 

Right that definitely describes me because the amount of times I have personally put money into something to gain potential profit is in more ways than I can describe although when you consider the word Charlatan the first thought that comes to mind for me anyway is con man. Let us see what google as to say.

  1. a person falsely claiming to have a special knowledge or skill.
    "a self-confessed con artist and charlatan"
Now me personally looking back over the years i can hold my hands up and admit there as been times when you have blagged someone you know the phrase I best heard as a young man was don't blag a blagger lol Then in due course when speaking to the individual over the phone he thinking I was a relation of another friend of ours (I was not related) the result turned out just as we hoped it would with him genuinely convinced we was someone else. I have to confess I did find a mischievous delight in blagging the blagger. Hey before you condemn me as a black hat consider how many times you have been asked over the phone when talking to the hospital reception or some other scenario where we have told a little white lie! Which brings me to the terminology Black Hats mmmmmmm Now i wonder if google has an opinion on this terminology. 


Well that was interesting (remember I think a black hat is a baddie the white hat is a goodie) so typing in black hat google shows us loads of black hat images that you would wear on your head.

Now we have to dig a little deeper obviously, so typing in the googles search engine Black Hat Terminology google starts talking about computer hacking. Hey I am not making this up (You ever wanted to be a computer hacker?) so scrolling through the load up we see references to a hacker then we see reference to the good old cowboy days with the black hat being a baddie (so i was right wasn't I?) then it loads up a page referring to a guy whose within google on a executive level saying he is not going to a black hat convention because the reference to black hat is raciest OH MY GOD google stop it with the raciest bullshit please hahahahhahah Honestly you cannot make this up.

Okay I was a kid that always enjoyed the cowboy and Indians I loved the Indians honestly when the cowboys were killing the Indians I always felt that the cowboys were the baddies although if this was a subconscious seed that over the years would make me the type of entity in due course that we are who knows? Maybe, if we had chosen to love the cowboys instead our individuality our persona would be completely different. Life choices always come into play I guess. 

So anyway lets see what google says when we type in white hat terminology.

The definition came up regarding a white hat which is 

white hat definition: 1. someone in a particular situation who is acting for morally good reasons, 

From the Cambridge Dictionary by all accounts.

I wore many black hats in my life time. Although the one white hat I was privileged to receive after I began working within the the health care sector producing cannabis products to help heal as well as cure people dispersed all the black hats away. You know when you define the difference between a white hat and a black hat on a spiritual level like me there is definitely more meaning.

White hat definition, a virtuous hero, especially in a cowboy movie; good guy.

Honestly, trust me. You cannot make this up. remember when the old stoners referred to the cannabis seeds as a gift from god. Making a decision to utilize cannabis purely for the good of man kind maybe just maybe allowed god to gift me with my white hat. I was going to say, I think so. Although, if truth be known. I know so.

If you enjoy reading stuff like this that I input. Then please feel free to browse further. Read more of the content. It is all truthful. That I can guarantee because my white hat will not allow me to bullshit. Hey i know i keep saying it although honestly, trust me. You cannot make this up.

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