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Climate Change

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There are many ways to do this, including trying to improve energy efficiency, substitute renewable energy sources and reduce deforestation. Deforestation is the clearance of forested land for human use. In the past, deforestation occurred as a natural process as trees were cut down to create new land. Deforestation can also occur as a result of human activities, such as the burning of forests to clear land for agriculture or construction. Deforestation is a significant contributor to Climate Change.


As it releases gases like carbon dioxide and methane that contribute to global warming, It also causes loss of Biodiversity, which is the variety of genetic material in an ecosystem. This includes plants, animals, bacteria viruses, and fungi. The greater the biodiversity, the more species, and genetic diversity there is in an ecosystem. It is important to protect biodiversity because it helps to keep ecosystems are collections of living organisms, their physical surroundings and the nonliving components of the Earth's biosphereAn ecosystem is a community of living and nonliving things that interact with each other. The word was first coined in 1848 by Swedish botanist and zoologist Carl Linnaeus.


Each ecosystem contains a variety of plants and animals that interact with each other and their environment. Ecosystems can be found in all corners of the world. They can be near the Earth's surface or deep in the Earth's interior. Ecosystems are essential for the survival of many living things. They play a role in the cycling of nutrients and the production of oxygen.


An ecosystem can be disrupted when one or more of its components is disrupted. This can be caused by natural events like a hurricane or by human activity like pollution. When an ecosystem is disrupted, it can take a long time for it to recover health and allow for the evolution of new species., as forests are home to a wide variety of plants and animals. There are many ways to reduce the deforestation that occurs around the world.


Governments and businesses can work together to create incentives for sustainable forestry practices like investing in forest restoration projects or promoting the use of alternative energy sources. Citizens can also help to pressure their governments to enact environmental laws that protect forest areas. There are many types of forests that can be found in the world. Forests can be found in many different types of climates, including temperate, tropical, and Arctic. Forests provide many benefits to society, such as providing habitat for wildlife, reducing pollution, and providing a source of wood and other natural resources.


Some countries are already taking much more aggressive action to reduce their emissions than others. The United States, for example, has pledged to reduce its emissions by 26-28 % below 2005 levels by 2025. Other countries like China and India have pledged to increase their emissions. There is no one answer to reducing Climate Change, but action taken by everyone will help reduce the severity of the effects, is the new buzzword, and why wouldn't it be one world is all we have and our world is at risk countries, corporate and citizens claim to Be doing all they can to save the planet from Climate Change, green energy is being floated as one of the top solutions. We are replacing coal with hydro power, fossil fuels with solar energy, petrol, and diesel cars with electric vehicles.


Eva are being pitched as a cleaner, greener, and sustainable, but are they what's clean for the environment may not really be clean? Hidden beneath the shiny exteriors of an Eevee is a story of Blood batteries. These cars drive human rights violations, extreme poverty, child labor hello, and welcome to the gravitas, plus an electric car runs on a battery. You know that, but do you know what these batteries are made of? Rare metals like lithium and cobalt?


The cobalt gives the battery stability and allows it to operate safely. It'S a bluish, gray, colored metal. It is found in the earth's crust or what we call crustal rocks cobalt has several uses in jet turbine generators, tools, materials, pigments, and smartphone batteries, but its major use is in lithium-ion batteries. Half of the cobalt produced goes into electric cars. We'Re talking about 4 to 30 kilos of cobalt per battery, this metal is found all over the world like in Australia, Canada, China, Cuba, South Africa, the united states, the Philippines, but 70 percent of the total supply comes from one country, Congo, the democratic republic of Congo.


Let'S zoom into this country, Congo is the second-largest country in Africa. Its GDP is around 49 billion dollars. Congo is synonymous with conflict. Poverty and corruption beneath the country's red earth is the world's largest deposit of cobalt. 92 million people live here.


Some 2 million depend on cobalt production. They are called Negocios. A business or commercial undertaking involving the exchange of money or goods for other goods or services. Mining in Congo is divided into two categories: industrial or large-scale mining and artisanal or small-scale mining. What'S the difference between the two artisanal mines that are unregulated.


Labor laws do not apply here. Neither do safety protocols. These mines produce 20 to 30 percent of Congo's cobalt. Some 200 000 miners work in these mines. At least 40 000 of them are children, some as young as six.


These children flirt with death daily. They enter vertical tunnels. Most of them are too narrow for adults to enter inside. It's like a furnace. The children dig for cobalt under inhuman conditions.


Sometimes they have shovels, but mostly they dig with their bare hands. They have no masks, no gloves, no work, clothes, and sometimes just 20 minutes' worth of oxygen, but these young children go on for hours. After digging, they crush the rocks wash them, and carry their fines to the market to find a buyer. How much do these children make sometimes as little as a dollar? cobalt in a multi-billion dollar industry?


It is estimated to be worth 13.63 billion dollars by 2027, but this money never reaches a child who is spotting and extracting the metal in poverty-stricken Congo, even a dollar is worth risking one's life. Many die trying to make this money ABC recently profiled, a woman who lost her son to a mind-related accident. The boy was 13 years old. He told his mother.


He was going to the market to buy coal for her so that she could cook. Instead, the boy went to a cobalt mine to try and earn an extra buck for the house. The mine embankment collapsed. The 13-year-old never returned home between 2014 and 2015 at least 80 artisanal miners died in congo 2019, and an accident killed 43 miners. According to one estimate, two 000 illegal miners die in congo every year.


Many suffer permanent lung damage, skin infection, and life-changing injuries. In 2019, some families from congo filed a lawsuit. They named companies like tesla and accused them of aiding and abetting in the death and injury of children. The lawsuit spoke about a child. He was referred to as john doe.


One john was working as a human mule. Since the age of nine, he would carry bags after bags of cobalt just for 0.75 dollars a day. One day john fell into a tunnel. Fellow workers dragged him out of it, but they left john alone on the ground.


When the child's parents found out about the accident, they rushed to the mining site, it was too late, and john was paralyzed, doctors say he will never be able to walk again. Why do children work in these high-risk minds because of poverty and the hope to get out of it? Families in Congo are betting big on cobalt, it's like their crypto is their chance to make it big. The metals demand has tripled in the last decade. It is expected to double again by 2035.


The demand is being driven by electric vehicles. Today there are more than 6 Million EVs on the road by 2040. That number will touch 66 million so that 66 million multiplied by 30 kilos of cobalt do the math by 2050. The demand for cobalt production is expected to increase 585 percent. Congo'S families want to ride this wave and tide over poverty.


Sending their children to the mines is not a choice for them, but a necessity. These children end up working as artisanal miners or informal workers, they're not employed by any company, but several companies line up to buy their fines. You see it is cheaper to buy cobalt from a child than from a regulated mine that understands business better than china. Most of these companies dealing in Blood batteries are from china. It dominates the global supply chain of cobalt.


China owns up to 50 percent of the production of metal. It controls around 80 percent of Kobel's refining. In the last 15 years, Chinese companies have bought out North American and European companies mining in Congo. Today, Chinese firms, own 15 out of the 19 industrial mines in this country in exchange for Congo global china, which has promised the country billions in investment in the form of infrastructure, schools, and roads. Now Congo is another example of how stories featuring china never end.


Well, today, china is leaking Blood cobalt into the supply chain of electric vehicles. Chinese companies are buying cobalt from children, encouraging them to participate in the trade of Blood batteries. One of the largest cobalt processors in Congo is a company called CDM or Congo Dongfang mining. It is a subsidiary of Xiang Huayu, cobalt, a Chinese company, of course, that supplies kobold to electric car makers like Volkswagen, forty percent of which are used. Cobalt comes from congo.


In 2016, the Chinese company was called out by an NGO. It was branded a benefactor of child labor you pledged to clean up its act but did anything change on the ground reports raise serious doubts. This is one part of the story. There is Blood in china's large-scale minds too. These workers are abused, discriminated beaten, and made to work without contracts and sufficient ration, one worker told the media and I'm quoting.


If a worker dies, the Chinese don't report it to the government, they bury the person hide the corpse and bribe the family to keep quiet. That'S your electric car killing people even before it hits the road. Did you sign up for this? The world's biggest carmakers are complicit in these crimes. I'm talking about the likes of Tesla Volvo, Renault, Mercedes-Benz, and Volkswagen.


They all source cobalt from Chinese mines in Congo. Sure they claim to have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to child labor, but they too know that there is no way to fully map their supply chains back in Congo. President Felix Shishikedi has pledged to act. In 2019, he established a state-run company to focus on health and human rights, but that hardly helps when Congolese officials are accused of overseeing child labor. This means overseeing businesses where children are employed.


This can include monitoring the working conditions of these children, ensuring that they are not being taken advantage of and that they are receiving a decent wage. In 2020 Tesla announced it would start using cobalt-free lithium-ion batteries in its electric vehicles, but the company followed up the announcement with a deal with Glencore. It'S a cobalt mining company and this deal was for six thousand tons of cobalt a year. 6000 tons a year. Doesn't add up?


Does it much like the claim of electric cars being clean? These cars run on dirty energy from Blood batteries, and this is not a Climate solution. This is human rights abuse and the two cannot coexist. Climate solution is not supposed to be at the expense of human lives. Long story short: electric vehicles have miles to go before they can claim to be cleaned.


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