• Educational Insight

    A very good documentary about medical cannabis and why the worlds populations health is in the state that it is. It also gives you insight to the p...
  • Medical Cannabis COPD

    Medical marijuana patient and double lung transplant candidate Vey Linville discusses using marijuana to treat his severe emphysema and tells the truth about dispensaries in San Diego
  • Medical Cannabis Cancer

    Remember a chemotherapist is not a cancer doctor who will advocate Medical Cannabis because he becomes obsolete.
  • Medical Cannabis hdhd

    Although because we are In the United Kingdom of Great Britain not able to administrate the flower of the plant as a medical product. We can confir...
  • Medical Cannabis Arthritis.

    Six years later after this video was made we can confirm that the creams oils butters produced as medical cannabis are the natural extracts from the genuine plant. We then infuse these genuine cannabinoids with various products. Our best to date is the Bath Melts. Although not as intense as the creams you can never deny the power of your endocannabinoid system. We work with the genuine plant simply because synthetic wise is messing with mother natures gift.
  • My life Within The Canaries

    Now excuse my language here although the people our people of the human race is living a fucking nightmare and all the advise is stay in fucking doors.
  • Medical Cannabis Fibromyalgia.

    These are not commercial led products like the placebo CBD that many thought was going to be genuine cannabinoids. Jud Chad-Bourne is the only true officially registered cannabis doctor who specialises in making man made medical cannabis products. You can buy Now!. Go on. You know it makes sense. Buy Medical cannabis 
  • Should you use Medical cannabis

    There is now 1 official cannabis doctor in the United Kingdom. Although the united states with medical marijuana programs and 11 states plus DC have legalized recreational use. Learn what doctors and researchers have to say about the effects of medicinal cannabis, including what it can and can't be used treat. The United Kingdom is now recognizing the importance of Medical Cannabis.
  • Researching Medical Cannabis

    Now just allow me to give you one bit of advice. You need to try these. Because we guarantee that (unless you have a nut allergy) you will ultimately enjoy the most luxurious feeling ever. Still less than twenty quid they are a give away. Honestly, trust me. Buy them for yourself or a friend, loved one a member of the family. The best christmas present you can give anyone. Anxiety stress related issues the mind working over time yes? Simply relax with the ultimate Cannabis Medical Product.
  • Injections in the name of vaccination

     It is rumoured that the roll out of the Nuremberg Trials (2) will in due course be upon us. It will be very interesting when you also consider that crimes against humanity is punishable by death.
  • Live Video Evidence from 04/2019

    Media Networking back in those good old days whilst studying in Tenerife Jan 2016 - December 2020 to gain the equivalent of a honours degree or bac...
  • Networking Advertising Medical cannabis

    Website traffic is definitely something you need when implementing your sales. You know this simply because without that traffic how can you even begin selling from your website.