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  • Climate Change Blood Batteries

    Climate Change, green energy is being floated as one of the top solutions. We are replacing coal with hydro power, fossil fuels with solar energy, petrol, and diesel cars with electric vehicles.
  • Internet Marketing Promoting Building a Good business Foundation

    If you like this content material and you wanna get started with your own entrepreneurship passive incomes generating journey on the internet.

    Check out our other stuff regarding this type of material which is some of my favorite digital assets being used correctly. that I've made around insight from other entrepreneurs like us. How I got started creating my businesses from scratch, how I learned to code that sort of stuff. That's all in the playlist of the future. Thank you so much for reading and I'll see you in the next lot of material you read or listen to or even watch from us. Welcome to a fun magical tour. You better love it. Because it is honest hard work that pays better than any black hat scam, bye-bye.

  • The Cannabis Plant

    Where did the cannabis we know today come from? Its wild beginnings remain unknown. But by looking at the plant's genes, we can identify its closes...
  • Dirty dancing. Do you Remember Patrick Swayze

    While it's unclear exactly what other projects Grey might line up in the next several years, she's made one thing perfectly clear: we haven't seen the last of her. Thanks for reading. Simply scroll through the blogs for anything that may interest you. Reading material for us to escape into. Plus i better update my blogger picture.
  • Anxiety Attack Symptom

    Anxiety is something nearly everyone will deal with at some point in their lives. Stressful events like job interviews, public speaking, or difficult life experiences like financial difficulties and relationship issues can cause nervousness and anxiety.
  • Entrepreneurs Charlatans Black and White Hats.

    Now considering what a Entrepreneur is can mean various things to you for no better description although when you google googles interpretation you see this.


    1.  a person who sets up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit. 

    Right that definitely describes me because the amount of times I have personally put money into something to gain potential profit is in more ways than I can describe

  • Giving you professional entertaining knowledgeable content

    Now taking into consideration this is more of a hobby for me now. We can realistically acknowledge that the content. Although very important from a health perspective needs to hold a individuals attention. So obviously if you start to get bored I am not doing it right. Introducing medical cannabis to the main street UK population as not been the easiest job we have ever been tasked to do. You can imagine from a legal point of view.
  • Getting to know Me (Jud Chad-Bourne)

    A middle class family background that as basically been wiped away from the class system regarding wealth structures. Allow me to explain. In the early sixties a family classed as middle class workers basically had three adult incomes coming in without the need of the the family members to having to be fully made up adult wages..
  • Freedom to express my opinions

    It is always amusing when someone comments on a post that I may have posted or commented on, that contradicts the narrative they are being led to believe with a comment saying something like this. You are entitled to your opinion. It is common knowledge now that I can be very outspoken.
  • Personal Knowledge (Jud Chad-Bourne)

    Once a month using the bath melts just simply soaking in the bath I know me endocannabinoid is getting that magical boost. It is true what was once read within research. You can never underestimate the power of your endocannabinoid system. 
  • Educational Insight

    A very good documentary about medical cannabis and why the worlds populations health is in the state that it is. It also gives you insight to the p...